Since its inception, the University of Kashmir has produced noted alumni who have over the years, traversed the length and breadth of the globe and brought laurels to the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the University in particular. As more and more people began to pass out from the University of Kashmir, there arose a need to institutionalize the collective of the alumni. The former students of the University who were spread across the globe serving in various professions and occupations in both public and private sectors considered that they bore the responsibility of playing a role in returning back to the institution, what they had learnt from it.

This lead to the formation of the Kashmir University Alumni Association (KUAA) which came into existence formally on 12th of January, 2002. On this day, the Constitution for the Association was also formally adopted by its first General Body at Srinagar.

The Association brought together on a common platform, alumni of the University who gathered to utilize their energies and expertise to play a substantive role in the developmental activities of the society at large and the University of Kashmir in particular.

The KUAA is today developing into a vibrant Association that continues in its endeavour to serve the society of Kashmir the University of Kashmir in particular.