The primary aim of education is to develop and implement an integrated and comprehensive programme of educational development so as to usher in a social transformation. As such, it becomes imperative that quality education be provided to students particularly those who hail from under-privileged families. To guarantee that the right to education is exercised without discrimination of any kind, a high level of financial assistance is needed through a process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions in the form of money from both public and private sectors. Volunteering, as such, becomes a great way to advance the cause of socio-economic development of the community by providing student scholarship, merit awards for athletic and academic achievements and create infrastructure for Information and Communication Technology.


It is in this spirit that former students across the globe belonging to the University of Kashmir have got together and formed the Kashmir University Alumni Association (KUAA) to make a difference in our community. With a defined constitution and memorandum of association, KUAA has made affordable and accessible appropriate and quality education to economically and socially under-privileged students ever since its inception. Its constitution and memorandum not only enable it to work in a transparent and organized manner but also highlight its aims/objectives, financial regulations and control system.


The Alumni has initiated several activities that have earned students various degrees and diplomas. Needless to say, it runs its own schools in remote and far flung areas to reach out to students of the under-privileged sections of the society. While we salute the Association for its continuing energetic efforts, we also hope that more and more Alumni from the University join and support this wonderful effort.


Since we feel that most of our social ills are the direct result of the lack of appropriate education, partnering with KUAA is an excellent way to promote your commitment to the values of compassion and generosity.


Prof. Nilofer Khan