1.             To provide a common platform to the old boys of the Kashmir University who are spread throughout the globe and are engaged in various lawful professions/occupations.


2.             To assist in the development of educational standards in the State in general and the Valley in particular.


3.             To protect the academic character and autonomy of the institutions of higher learning.


4.             To help the University in the development of infrastructure by extending professional and financial support.


5.             To organize lectures, seminars and conferences for dissemination of knowledge, moulding public opinion to increase literacy level and to improve educational standards.


6.             To institute 'awards', 'scholarships' and prizes' for outstanding performance of the students and teachers.


7.             To help the University to launch vocational courses as per need of the society and if situation demands to sponsor some of the vocational courses/diploma courses.


8.             To assist the University in the 'placement process' of the successful and meritorious students and to provide information regarding job opportunities for the qualified students


9.             To protect the interests of the University and University/College employees and to assist the University/College to promote professional development of the teaching and non-                           teaching community.


10.           To aid poor and meritorious students by way of scholarships/ grants-in-aid/ loan facilities, etc.


11.           To establish educational net-work in the state in a phased manner for imparting free education to the poor, the orphans and the other downtrodden classes of the society.


12.           To establish Hostels for the University students   pursuing higher education.


13.           To establish coaching centers in the valley for providing guidance and counseling to the students.


14.           To promote library and information facilities for the academic purpose.


15.           To organize cultural programmes for the members of the Association and to transmit information on matters pertaining to education, especially science education.


16.           To publish News Bulletin ‘containing information' on current events and programmes of the Association.


17.           To undertake all possible steps for the educational, economical and social up-liftment of the students   and the teaching community.


18.           To undertake all such other lawful activities as may be considered conducive to promote and secure the said objectives of the Association.